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About Us

আলাপ-এ প্রত্যেককে স্বাগত! Welcome to ALAP LLC!

ALAP means initial or introductory conversation, the stepping stone to building a healthy relationship and an engaged community. Our mission is to foster the diverse cultural heritage of Bengal and construct a more coherent network to enrich the Motown community.

We have the pleasure to bring distinguished Indian (usually Bengali) movies and organize featured cultural programs to stimulate Indian ethnic culture in the Metro Detroit area. Your active support and cooperation are earnestly solicited!!

Past Events

April 1, 2018: Movie - Samantaral

May 6, 2018: Movie - Sahaj Paather Gappo

June 3, 2018: Movie - Haami

December 16, 2018: Movie - Ek Je Chhilo Raja

What's next, stay tuned!!

Upcoming Events

April 28, 2019: Movie - Mukherjee Dar Bou

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